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X Magazine 01 – Duma

The content is part of X Magazine and linked to its lunch together with a performance by Duma taking place on the 29th April at 9pm at NFQ. The performance coincides with the release of the “Euthanasia in Asia” limited edition-cassette which is part of the of the special edition of X-Mag.

Slam Jam in Tokyo

An insight of our experience in Tokyo involving intimate dinners, a club party and dope music.

CIRCLE: March Monthly Highlights

We made a selection of the latest contents that are going through on CIRCLE, the platform initiated by 2050.plus and Slam Jam.

CIRCLE: April Monthly Highlights

Discover the latest contributions to our digital think-tank, curated by 2050+. Visit CIRCLE and raise your voice.

An Interview with ACW's Samuel Ross

Samuel Ross speaks on the meaning behind A-COLD-WALL*, Brexit and working with Nike.

Social Network Systems Episode 1: Twitch

On the Social Network Systems series we explore the impact of tech platforms connecting people across the world. Welcome to SNS episode 1. It’s all about Twitch.

An interview with visvim's Hiroki Nakamura

Since the inception of visvim, Hiroki Nakamura has worked to define and maintain his vision and aesthetic.

The Arpabong: Object and Subjects

Last 420 we asked artist Verynice’n’sleazy to conceive and elaborate a piece of content that could portrait the future of cannabis. Along with GEORGIA STUDIO, he imagined the digital version of the Arpabong. Now, the Arpabong is real.

The Ten Best Ultralight Hiking Instagram Accounts to Follow to Understand the Underground Roots of And Wander

Lodovico Pignatti Morano chooses 10 Instagram accounts you should follow for a crash course in the underground roots of And Wander.

CIRCLE: June Monthly Highlights

Have a look at the latest additions to CIRCLE and check out June’s best entries, curated by 2050+.
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